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Brow & Lash - Resource!:
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❈ Races: Miqo'te - Feminine
❈ Affects: Face 102 - Keeper of the Moon
❈ Description: This is considered a RESOURCE for Feminine Miqo'te, Face 102 [Keeper of the Moon]. This will REPLACE the 3D model of the head.

- What is it for?
It provides an entirely new mesh with functioning Shape Keys for the Eyelashes, Eyebrows for Feminine Miqo'te, Face 102. These new meshes are attached to the Vanilla Face Model for Miqo'te 102, with all customization options intact. The aim is to have better UVs to offer more customizability, as well as an outlet for more creators to create.

  • I have given two model options:
    + Eyelash & Eyebrow Mesh Replacement Only.
    + Eyelash & Eyebrow Mesh Replacement + LorFangs.
  • I have given several texture options:
    + My own Lash+Brow Retextured Normal.
    + Dyeable Brows/Black Lashes Specular.
    + Dyeable Brows/Lashes Specular.
    + Black Brows/Black Lashes Specular.
    - A modpack is included for those who wish to use my own retextures, rather than create their own!
  • I have provided the Resources for:
    + New Eyelash+Eyebrow Mesh UV.
    As well as a .PSD document with intuitive guidelines on how to use them.
    - These maps may act as an overlay to guide you in drawing your own on the Normal's Alpha Channel.

DISCLAIMER: I tried my best with the Shape Keys, but if you find anything horribly off, feel free to DM me.
Discord - @Setrixi#8456
Twitter - @IXCAT09

- Please feel free to create and release your own Eyelash/Eyebrow retextures using this.
- Please feel free to use/request either mesh in Sculpt commissions.
- Please be sure to link back to the original to (hopefully) gain traction for more creations!

Credits: Illyriana for LorFangs.

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Brow+Lash Mesh/Retexture for Vanilla Miqo'te, Face 102.

12.5 MB

❈ Lash & Brow - Resource! ❈

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